High Grade Mill Installations is committed to providing and maintaining a safe working environment for all its employees, sub-contractors and customer staff.

High Grade Mill Installations has implemented an Occupational Health and Safety program and ensures that each employee has completed the package before stepping foot onto a job site, our yard or shop. This comprehensive package follows WorkSafeBC guidelines and covers all of the necessary workplace health and safety regulations.

Every person employed by High Grade Mill Installations has a duty to work safely, promote safe working conditions and follow safe work practices.

The following breakdown lays out the responsibility of each position in our company.


Management recognizes the responsibility to establish and maintain adequate standards, policies and procedures to create a safe workplace by:

  • Ensuring physical & health hazards are eliminated or guarded against
  • Providing workers with personal protective equipment
  • Developing written safe work procedures
  • Providing training for Management, Supervisors and Workers
  • Promoting a positive attitude towards accident prevention


A Supervisor is responsible and accountable for the safety of the employees under his/her supervision. A Supervisor will therefore:

  • Lead by example
  • Provide adequate supervision
  • Provide workers with education, training and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Conduct regular safety inspections and take appropriate action to correct deficiencies
  • Ensure compliance with Company safety standards and WCB regulations
  • Promote a positive attitude towards accident prevention


It is the duty of the worker to:

  • Follow proper safe work procedures
  • Be aware and comply with all Company and WCB regulations that pertain to him/her
  • Report unsafe conditions/acts to Supervisor
  • Promote a positive attitude toward accident prevention

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